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Frank L.

New York, New York, 10019

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New York, New York, 10019
United States

About Frank L.

Over the latter part of the 15 years I served as The Resume Genius, Manhattan's premier career coach and executive resume writer, I transitioned my business to take on broader coaching responsibilities, assisting my clients with not only their career ambitions, but also their entrepreneurial dreams, their online dating, their most valued relationships and indeed their pursuit of success and overall happiness.

Today, at Gotham Life Coach, I empower everyone from the outwardly successful executive searching for more clarity or meaning to those looking to improve in a number of personal and professional areas. I still provide all the essential copywriting that promotes my clients’ unique brand, whether that’s through LinkedIn, a resume, a speech, a bio, a website or corporate communications, but I also provide a loving pat on the back and a motivational kick in the ass – and whatever else is necessary to get my clients from “comfort” to accomplishment, procrastination to project completion and from “shit happens” to “Me…I make shit happen!”

The women and men I serve know they have an invaluable corner man, a New York-savvy, tough-minded, soft-hearted Mickey if you will, patching them up and sending them back out for life’s next round, picking them up after the most brutal knockout blows, motivating them to dig deep, holding them accountable, while also providing the tough love necessary to drive them toward ultimate fulfillment in their health, fitness, relationship, career and life itself–a goal easily summed up as happiness.

Happiness is not some magical state awarded to the Zen-like few, but a learned one, requiring the dramatic expansion of your comfort zone into the hellishly uncomfortable at times. A good part of happiness involves changing the conversation you have with yourself, and most of the rest of it involves some new habits, better systems, more responsive behaviors and the motivating kick in the ass I’ll provide while teaching you all of the above.