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Harsh Singhal

New York, New York, 10280

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New York, New York, 10280
United States

About Harsh Singhal

Harsh Singhal is a double-certified Hypnotist from New York, the USA, and the UK. In addition, Harsh is a globally certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP), New & Classic Codes of NLP certified by the Co-Founder of NLP Dr. John Grinder, the legendary Carmen Bostic St Clair, & NLP genius Michael Carroll.

Harsh has over 2000+ hours of in-field experience, working closely with more than 30000+ persons for their transformation and enabling them to overcome their limiting beliefs. As a Conversational reProgramming expert, Harsh helps you rewire your mental maps and easily helps you weed out negative self-loops and redirect mental efforts on building inner resources.

He is also a Professional Speaker & Coach with experience spanning over a decade (15+ yrs). He has transformed and helped more than 50,000+ people overcome their fears of public speaking, presentations, deliver with impact, and become memorable speakers, to influence with impact and personal charm.

Some of the critical problems he has resolved include phobias deletion, shattering old patterns, mental rewiring to create variety in understanding, & evolving capability shift for generating healthy behaviors.

Harsh identifies deep-rooted limitations and other factors that are personal barriers to professional achievements. With personalized sessions, YOU CAN UNLEASH the charisma within to influence with personal impact and inner charm.