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Jillian Stevens

New York, New York

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New York, New York
United States

About Jillian Stevens

Hello, I'm Jillian Stevens-- I am an ICF & IPEC certified Self-love & Personal Empowerment Coach specializing in creative healing. 

I am a movement specialist, 500-hr. certified yoga instructor, artist, poet (original poetry collection available for sale online), and trained crisis intervention counselor through crisistextline (a volunteer-based online platform that serves to provide direct and immediate assistance to those suffering from suicidal thoughts/emotional crises.) 

From a young age it has been a passion of mine to help inspire others to embrace and free their creative voice. At age four I embarked; dancing at STEPS on Broadway in New York City, skipping into the realm of tap, ballet, pointe, jazz, hip-hop and musical theatre styles  At age twelve, armed with an exuberant natural talent for leadership, I began assisting tap and jazz classes for the pre-professional dance program at STEPS; having had the honor of instructing my own peers--and at 18 I became a lead instructor. Dance has always given me a language to express my innermost feelings and has offered the ability to connect with all artists craving to expose their truest voices. 

Shifting my attention beyond the dance world, my hunger for exploration through movement continued on and at the age of 23, I received my 500-hr yoga certification after training intensively at studio ANYA in NYC; a program which is now paired with the prestigious Swedish Institute, school of massage. I have taught yoga to people of all ages and walks of life; from 2 year olds at a private pre-school program in Brooklyn, to underprivileged and troubled youth at a charter school.  I have even worked one-on-one with elderly patients (including my 91 year old grandmother who suffered a stroke.) Helping others discover even a small slice of peace in their difficult day has been thoroughly healing for myself, included.

Aside from my interest in movement and the body, I am profoundly passionate about poetry.

 am on this earth to to help facilitate a loving and safe environment for people to expand their horizons, reach beyond fears and embrace their pure essence through various forms of artistic expression.

Are you ready to experience greater joy and step into the life you've always wanted? Reach out; I dare you to take a step toward greater love!