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Lance Robinson

New York, New York, NY

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New York, New York, NY
United States

About Lance Robinson

Lance has been in the field of addiction and mental health for over 11 years and has worked with countless people helping not only them but the family as well thru their trials and tribulations to overcome their issues in a productive manner and helping them excel to be the person and family they have always wanted to be. Lance founded and operated a sober living house on the Upper East Side of Manhattan since it’s inception in November of 2016 and has decided to put his full commitment into helping others on a one on one basis. Lance himself has been sober over 14 years since January 10th of 2008 and knows first hand what it is like to go through all that is associated with addiction and mental health. Lance’s true calling is helping others the way he himself was once helped and to continue to pass on the message to others.