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Mica Diamond

New York, New York

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New York, New York
United States

About Mica Diamond

Are you ready to live the life you have been wishing for?

You can live your life any way you choose, and the more you become aware of that, the more you are at the cause, instead of the effect of your life. We are all choosing at all times how we create our experiences and perceive our world both at home and at work, on our own and in our relationships. Once we have the ability to choose consciously we become the leaders of our own lives.

Life Coaching is focused in the moment to create awareness about what you really desire and create action plans to move forward now. Together we will identify what segments of your life you would like to work on. These areas may include career transition/career relaunch, relationships, parenting, health & wellness, transition to the empty nest, and work/life balance. Together we will strategize on what specific steps you need to take to move forward toward living your ideal. We will also look at what might get in your way of reaching these goals and we will make a plan to break through those obstacles. As your life coach, I will champion you, support and motivate you as well as hold you accountable for doing what you say you will do each week.

Take a few moments right now to imagine what your ideal life would look like. If those images are different from the life you are living today, Life Coaching may be right for you.