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Nathan Ohm

New York, New York

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Contact Information

New York, New York
United States

About Nathan Ohm

I am Nathan Ohm, a Certified Coach and Workshop Facilitator, passionate about helping professionals live their most abundant life. 

I’ve incorporated meditation and mindfulness practices in my own life and discovered that by honoring myself, I am able to be more successful in my professional life.

Creating balance in your life is as simple as integrating all parts of yourself so that you reduce the conflict within you. 

By leveraging mindset, manifestation, and organizational techniques, I’ve had the privilege of working with coaching clients who have achieved outcomes like these:

A high-performing manager who implemented a plan to more effectively manage his team (and his own manager).

An individual who initially wanted to stay accountable to her health goals, and ultimately achieved a long-deferred desire to bring more social connections back into her life.

If you’re ready to experience results like these for yourself, let’s talk!