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Sara Yusupov

New York, New York

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New York, New York
United States

About Sara Yusupov

You know how even the most successful business leaders secretly crave MORE career satisfaction and fulfillment? When it's time to pivot, they yearn to honor their priorities and ROCK THEIR CAREER TRANSFORMATION so they can move up, move over or move on to a fabulous second act.

I am helping professionals land their dream jobs. I help target their ideal job by using simple keyword searches as well as connecting to the right people. 

If you feel that you need any of the following:

>Preparation for your performance review

>Preparatin for your job interview

>Find a new job or get back to workforce after a break

>Grow in your current role

>Improve leadership skills

>Improve networking skills

>Create a healthier work-life balance

>Explore future career options

>Return to work after an absence

Then you need a career coach like me to help you unstuck in your current career choice.