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Shimona Tzukernik

New York, New York, 11213

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New York, New York, 11213
United States

About Shimona Tzukernik

Shimona is considered one of the foremost female authorities on Kabbalah as it applies to daily life. She is renowned both for her vast knowledge and remarkable ability to make it relevant to each arena of life – be it career, relationships, health, education, creativity or spirituality and beyond. Through keynotes, coaching and her world-renowned program The Method, she delivers inspiration, insight and practical tools to help others live their wisest and truest life.

Shimona has addressed the United Nations Staff Recreation Council on “Kabbalah for Global Peace” and has been featured in media around the world – including a documentary by National Geographic and “Take Me to Your Mother” for NickMom TV. She is also a freelance writer and author for the Rohr JLI, the world’s largest network of adult education.