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Theresa Aristomen

New York, New York, 11234

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New York, New York, 11234
United States

About Theresa Aristomen

I founded DevelopingNoire to help individuals and organizations uncover where they really are and reach where they want to be. I'm Development Coach whose earned her ICF approved Certificate in Personal & Executive Coaching from The CAPP Institute. I have a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Social Work. I bring along a wealth of experience as a Leadership Development Trainer and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Facilitator to help clients achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

As a Black woman born and raised in Brooklyn, NY to immigrant parents, and overcoming a chronic illness, I grew up knowing exactly what it was like to struggle my way through in order to achieve success. I am living proof that getting clear and focused on your goals is the key to accomplishing them. Having a deep understanding of the barriers that often prevent people like us from achieving our goals, I use my transformational coaching and facilitation skills to help you get UNSTUCK and strive to THRIVE for success!

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