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Triccia Ramos

New York, New York

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Contact Information

New York, New York
United States

About Triccia Ramos

Recognized as a cultivator of joy, I bring 20+ years of experience as a high performance coach and district manager at Crate & Barrel helping individuals thrive at work and in life.

I support high achievers in demanding jobs achieve their career goals without compromising their health and/or relationships. 

Whether you’d like accountability in setting boundaries and prioritizing self care, or you’d like to discuss strategy to help you recruit, train and retain engaged employees, I’m your trusted go to gal. 

My Movement Story:

A few years ago while working as a District Manager, I juggled multiple priorities in an ever changing retail landscape while also teaching group fitness classes, dabbling in network marketing, and building my coaching practice. All the signs were telling me to S L O W down, but I resisted. I see this among my peers and colleagues ---- attempting to balance demands at home and at work with everyone’s needs pulling at you with no time left for yourself. 

It was not until I had a stroke that I began to look at life through a different lens. Faced with my mortality, I made a commitment to embrace each moment in and outside of work with intention and integrity. Being present and engaged, mindful and aligned are cornerstones to my coaching practice.

Within 90-days of working with me, my clients experience the following in both their professional and personal lives:

- Improved Clarity and Confidence

- Richer Relationships 

- Increased Productivity and Decreased Stress