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Valerie J. Lyons

New York, New York

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New York, New York
United States

About Valerie J. Lyons

I am a passionate Career Healer, Women Empowerment Facilitator and Trainer with a clinical counseling background and  have over 15 years of experience positively impacting and teaching others how to be the leaders of their own lives and careers.

I facilitate powerful coaching sessions to address the unique career and life needs of people across diverse backgrounds. By providing effective tools and strategies, I’ve successfully helped hundreds of clients break through internal and external barriers to achieve their established goals.  I have a particular area of expertise in working with women. Through having authentic conversations that foster deep discovery and reflection, I empower women in the 50+ age range to create a joy-driven life. 

I have served as a trainer, teacher, and consultant for various businesses and organizations including: Hunter College, City College, LaGuardia Community College, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Monroe College, Dialogues Consulting Group, Grace Institute, The National Rehabilitation Association – Metro Chapter and AVASRA.

My in-depth training sessions cover many areas such as self-leadership, social and racial justice, creating your career, healing through community building, and power networking.

 I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Professional Coach, and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.