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Henry Estrada

Garden City, New York

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Garden City, New York
United States

About Henry Estrada

Versatile professional: inspirational speaker and life coach with a background in the finance, banking and real estate industry. Also responsible for leading numerous financial institutions through the economic crises and steering companies to be profitable by strategic planning and implementation. Inspirational speaker and life coach responsible for motivating and assisting companies and individuals to set goals, navigate through financial and professional hurdles and help them create a blueprint to meet their goals.
A true visionary with the courage to take an idea from concept to execution. 

Strategic entrepreneur with International and Domestic start-up experience and brand building experience. Decisive leader with a successful track record of identifying new market opportunities, capitalizing on current business, increasing ROI, creating partnerships, building personal/company brands and implementing strategic plans for individual and company growth. 
Well informed and connected in the financial, real estate and start-up industry. Passionate about helping others by coaching, mentoring and connecting them with the appropriate resources to reach a new level of success at every life stage and with every life goal.
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