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Marjorie Chapman

Hamburg, New York, 14075

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Hamburg, New York, 14075
United States

About Marjorie Chapman

I am half German, half American, and I grew up in Africa and Asia. I consider myself a citizen of the world and am passionate about creating supportive communities.

In 2007, I discovered personal growth and development work as an elementary school teacher. It opened up a whole new world for me, one where I shed thoughts and beliefs about myself that stopped me in life. It allowed me to be the mother, wife, friend, and teacher that I wanted to be. Since beginning my coaching business in 2011, I have supported many people find this same alignment with who they REALLY are and consequently creating a life that inspires and lights them up. While I no longer am in the classroom, I know I'm still impacting children by supporting their mothers in remembering who they are, at the core, before becoming mothers (we moms are pretty good at losing ourselves in motherhood!) -- and what I've found is that when mom prioritizes herself, she actually has more to give her family, job, friends, etc. By putting ourselves FIRST we have more of us to go around. Just like putting on the air mask on the plane before you help others. I fully believe "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" and that, by supporting Momma in being happy, I impact our next generation.

In that vein, I am also passionate about supporting thriving marriages. I enjoy working with couples (or just one partner) in creating a luscious, juicy, delicious partnership. As an expert in communication and the differences in male and female thinking, I am able to guide you through upsets, disconnects, and problems in your relationships to bring understanding, self-expression, authenticity, and vulnerability to your relationships.

I'm out to cause love on the planet, and I do that by listening for your brilliance and mirroring it back to you. You are worth it. You matter. And only YOU know what's best for your life, I'm your guide on that journey.