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Michelle Fuller

Manlius, New York, 13104

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Manlius, New York, 13104
United States

About Michelle Fuller

I am a Life Coach currently completing Graduate Studies and Licensure in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My knowledge encompasses my own healing path, 3 Life Coach Certification completions, 7 years experience as a professional healer, 17 years working in the helping fields, extensive graduate studies, and in-depth personal studying, seeking, and embodiment. I provide helping services to both men and women.

By identifying the internal (self) and external (others and the world) elements that are fueling unhappiness, suffering, and self-disconnection, we can begin to process the past and integrate our full, true selves. And when we do this? We begin to lead with purpose and excitement. We begin to remember that we are here for a reason! And when we feel heard, we begin to heal. I'm here to hear you and guide you to the results that you desire and WILL achieve.

Sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs and achieve your unique goals. Specialties include reinventing your relationship to yourself and others, working through symptoms of depression and anxiety, parenting support, divorce support, career support, emotional flashback support, inner child work, cognitive and emotional mindfulness, healing attachment trauma, identifying and healing self-sabotage, healing codependency and other relationship patterns, personal boundaries, stepping into your truth, embodying self-trust and healthy self-concept, processing rage and grief, family estrangement, intimacy fears, healing from narcissistic abuse, highly sensitive person (HSP)/empath support, and feeling alone/disconnected from others and the world.

In seeking support, you have already chosen yourSelf. Thank you for choosing me, as well, to support you on your healing journey, your self-remembrance, and your self-reclamation. I offer coaching sessions via phone, zoom, and in-person for locals.