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Linda Freeman

Marlboro, New York, 12542

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Marlboro, New York, 12542
United States

About Linda Freeman

I have always been on a life journey of learning, enrichment and discovery. As a result, I have had the joy of living my life in extraordinary ways corresponding to my values of autonomy, integrity, creativity, gratefulness and love. In 2004, I abandoned a well-paying corporate executive job to pursue a career as a swing dance teacher, yoga teacher and writer. But doing so allowed me to embark on a wonderful adventure that led me to the far reaches of the earth and continues to unfold in amazing ways. As I continued my life journey, people began to ask me for my “secret” to living such a full and amazing life.

In 2017, I decided the next step in my life adventure was to share the proven process I have developed, refined and used to create my incredible life.

CREATE YOUR LIFE WORKSHOPS are designed to foster your own personal growth and magical unfolding.