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Meet Coach Nearby Marina Benzaquen in Mount Kisco NY

Marina Benzaquen

Mount Kisco, New York, 10549

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Mount Kisco, New York, 10549
United States

About Marina Benzaquen

I am a Certified Life Coach, helping women to navigate and thrive through the many changes and transitions that accompany mid-life, such as career shifts, marriage and divorce, parenting challenges, and loss of self-concept.

As a former corporate attorney, I am intimately familiar with the pressures that women face to balance work and home life. As a mother of four children, I know the feeling of devoting oneself completely to the mom role, and the overwhelm and fear that accompany the challenges of parenting and marriage. My own process of reclaiming the identity that I had lost in my roles as wife and mother inspired me to be here to help you through your own process.

Many clients come to me feeling they have lost their sense of selves in their singular roles as mothers. They want to remember who they were before racing to bus stops, sitting on carpool lines, pouring over endless laundry piles, and pondering creative dinner ideas the kids won’t reject. Many pivoted away from a career to focus on raising their children and managing their homes, and after many years they now seek to re-create themselves, to find meaning and purpose in something separate from their roles as wives and mothers. Frequently, this also means setting boundaries within their relationships with their children and/or spouses in order to re-establish themselves as whole but separate individuals.

If any of this resonates with you, I’ve got you. I know the loneliness and fear that come with feeling like you’ve lost yourself, like you want more for yourself but you don’t know where to begin.

I establish safe and trusting relationships with my clients. I balance directness with a warm and calming presence. My clients feel deeply seen, heard, and validated through our partnership, which empowers them and increases their confidence.