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Francesca Esposito

Patchogue, 11772

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Patchogue, 11772

About Francesca Esposito

Hi there!

I’m an NYS Certified Addiction Recovery Specialist and Life coach. I have a BAs Degree. I make health and wellness a priority in my life. I've learned how to LIVE life, not just survive it. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I've risen through the fire. I have been transformed. I'm in charge of my own destination. There really is light from out of the darkness. You can change too. There is a way. I can show you how.

I have years of personal experience, mixed with professional training and education in helping clients in areas of; business, career planning, parenting, anger management, complex family issues, change of life, habits & behaviors, life events/crossroads, marriage & divorce, grief & loss, Trauma & PTSD, Pandemic Stress, and addiction & recovery.

Seeking recovery? There are many pathways to recovery. All aspects of your life were/are affected by drinking and/or drugs, and they all matter when you quit. We will work together to find a plan that is right for YOU. This is YOUR recovery. No one can want your recovery more than you do.

As your coach, we will discuss your wants and needs. Then create a realistic and achievable plan of action that will allow you to work towards those goals. Designed to inspire and challenge you to continually self-improve. All within "real life" and at your own pace. Starting from where you are at NOW.

We'll discuss progress. Talk through any challenges. Reinforce accountability. Celebrate successes! Everyone is different. We'll build your own lifelong toolbox.

Whether you are here to make lifestyle changes or for recovery, (or both), change won't happen without action on your part. So LIVE life, don't just survive it! Be willing! Jump in! No judgment. Grab your coffee (or water, tea, soda, juice, milk? LOL).

Let's chat and figure this out. All sessions are casual, confidential, and by phone or virtual via Zoom/Google. (Non-in-person). I am in NY, EST.

I look forward to cheering you on soon!