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Edna White

Riverhead, 11901

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Riverhead, 11901

About Edna White

My clients come to me because they are ready to take back their power to create, and live their best lives.

As they put in the work they learn how to:
-Love themselves, have self-worth, and have self respect by recognizing and unlearning limiting beliefs
-Stop the "comparison trap" and celebrate their uniqueness.
-Learn how to give themselves grace and self compassion
-Use their voice to create, implement and maintain healthy boundaries
- Be unapologetic for being who they are as women of color
-Embrace assertiveness to know, create and ASK for what they want,
-And so much more...

I am a better support to my clients because I am no different then they. I have been through almost every kind of trauma and pain they have experienced.

- I had mother wounds because my mother couldn't connect with me and nurture me.

- I had daddy issues, too. he was a Vietnam vet and was an alcoholic then developed cancer, who I only met at age 27 years old only to have 5 years with him before he died.

- I had childhood trauma after surviving 4 sexual perpetrators that were supposed to keep me safe and they didn't.

- I had "the good girl" syndrome that served everyone so that they would be happy except me.

-I contemplated suicide.

- I made bad decisions in my life because I had no information or direction.

- Then after all that I developed "strong black women syndrome" that made me push away many great opportunities because of my skewed perception of independence.

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