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Meet Coach Nearby Dominic Dauria in Schenectady NY

Dominic Dauria

Schenectady, 12303

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Schenectady, 12303

About Dominic Dauria

Life is challenging. We experience stressful times and hardship at all ages and stages of life. During these times you may feel like you want to change, but can’t seem to get it done. This is where I come in. My responsibility is to assist you in the TRANSFORMATION you’re going through. Our sessions are think-tanks. We will brain storm, trouble-shoot, and problem solve. My success comes from YOUR SUCCESS; this is your CHANCE TO CHANGE.

We as humans underperform and underutilize our potential. We tend to settle for what is - This failing mindset is what I break for my clients. If you want to start the process of tapping into INFINITE POSSIBILITY, please reach out to me to learn more.

Thank you

- Dominic Dauria