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Sheila Darling

Webster, 14519

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Webster, 14519

About Sheila Darling

Embracing Change With Joy


Change is inevitable, and it can be scary. 

And it is always possible for us to use the transition to create experiences that would deepen the meaning of our lives. 

I coach people to do exactly that. 

I love to work with people who are:

in the middle of navigating a big life change

vulnerable and brave

spiritually curious

honest about where they are and their desires

curious and passionate about many things

have the tendency to overthink 

Shit happens.

And I want you to know that all change is figure-out-able.

Everything can be navigated with the right experience, tools and resilience.

Don’t give up. 

I will show you how to live with lighthearted resilience and a sense of curiosity about how you can re-shape your life for the better.

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