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Scott Rozman

West New York

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West New York

About Scott Rozman

 I am passionate about coaching and helping people make positive, long-term, sustainable change in their lives. My job is to give you tools and a process in the most effective and efficient way so your change is sustainable.

◊ I work with clients, who I consider partners, to be more successful, overcome challenges and obstacles, move forward in a clearer and stronger way, find and use tools to improve their careers and lives, no longer be stuck, and gain higher performance with their companies, with their careers, and with their lives.

◊ Clients clarify and achieve their goals, find or improve their jobs, approach the job search process in a completely new way, develop their businesses, departments, and skills, move up in their current companies or move to companies or industries they are more excited about, create a concrete strategic plan, learn new approaches,and change their lives for the better.

◊ I am direct and honest meaning I am not afraid to say what needs to be said to move you forward and help you achieve your goals.

◊ My style, my professional background and training, and my unique personal experience make me different than other coaches. My dedication, too, I believe sets me apart. I invite you to learn more at my website: www.scottrozman.com. You can also contact me any time to discuss how we might work together to significantly improve your life.