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Deborah Scott McKenzie


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About Deborah Scott McKenzie

There are two relationships that you must master as you navigate with your life -the one you have with yourself; and the one you have with others involving your job, spouse/family. 

► Which do you struggle with?

As a purpose-driven performance transformation leader with a mindset that aims to support individuals/groups and companies transform the way they live and work, from the inside out, through coaching and leadership development; I seek out to guide them to find the answers to their lives within themselves and empowering them to create their own changes. 

An articulate communicator, my career spans diverse positions where I was highly successful in building and nurturing relationships with upper-level decision makers and delivering on customer commitments.

From my experience, different people respond to a coaching method differently. If asked who exactly seeks out a coach? I’d say winners who want more out of life.

As an open listener and based on my mantra “effective communication reduces speculation”, I take time to design and facilitate tailored processes to enhance self-evaluation and address open processes that encourage problem-solving, communication, innovation, and leadership at all levels.

Certainly self-aware of what it is that an troubled individual needs, I pride myself as an expert when it comes to empowerment, performance and relationship coaching, individual self-evaluation, personal development, building client/customer loyalty and trust, making informed decisions, and aligning performance for success.

►Has your inability to succeed or master any certain relationship, becoming a barrier to you living your best life?

Whatever the reason or need, I can help. Whether with finding a clear pathway to success for your organization, your marital relationships and personal development

To discuss my skills and experience, please feel free to reach out to me directly. I look forward to speaking with you!