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Jenny Oakley

Specialties: Life Coaching

Experienced Leadership and Resiliency Coach If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, my aim is to introduce clarity and self-motivation.


Shiv Kuma

Specialties: Life Coaching

My name is Shiv and I'm the principal coach of TLC. I’m a qualified career and personal development coach

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Caron Proctor

Specialties: Life Coaching

I am a professional Life Coach working with my clients on personal and business development. My purpose is to work alongside anyone who knows there is so

Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand

Ruth Corlett

Specialties: Life Coaching

14 years of experience in career coaching internationally, in both the corporate and NGO/non-profit sector. Experienced transition coach specialising in


Kelly Samson

Specialties: Life Coaching

As a Leadership and High Performance Coach I empower people to be their best to achieve even more than they thought possible. My role is to show you what

Auckland, Auckland, 1011, New Zealand

Kai Taylor

Specialties: Life Coaching

Helping leaders succeed and achieve worthwhile goals is my passion. Together we accomplish this through coaching of individuals and teams. Through Systemic

Anna Tennent

Specialties: Life Coaching

Coaching helps identify how we think and if needed, how we can change the way we think so we are in a better positive space to achieve success. If you feel


Bratislav Stankovic

Specialties: Life Coaching

I have recently been focusing on a new area of growth in my life... giving back and helping others. I have done tons of sports coaching and teaching, but

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Kirsty Winter

Specialties: Life Coaching

Life Coach  I support individuals to heal, grow and thrive. I work with groups and teams to create communities and cultures of wellbeing.

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

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