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Susmita Barua

Asheville, North Carolina

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Asheville, North Carolina
United States

About Susmita Barua

Our ideal clients and businesses have a larger vision of life and work and feel spiritually called to serve a bigger vision, mission and purpose than just their own life or personal ambition. They are often but not always introverts, empaths, creatives, sensitives, deep thinkers, modern-day contemplative, mindfulness practitioners and seekers of the Universal truth. Yet they often do not find the nurturing support, knowledge and guidance they need during life's inevitatble transitions due to change, loss, separation, illness, getting what one doesn't want or not getting what one wants and multiple stressors at certain points. Mindful-awareness based tools and interventions, cultivating wise attention, inquiry, communication, creativity and inner reflection can interrupt negative emotions and self-sabotaging habit patterns for long term contentment, calm, clarity and confidence. Without proper guidance and instruction the awakening process may be prolonged and painful for many. Preserving the health and potential capacity of human mind is of utmost significance now!