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Eileen Dello-Martin

Wilmington, 28409

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Wilmington, 28409

About Eileen Dello-Martin

I help middle-aged people break through and do what they want to do – be it in their professional lives or personal. What’s that thing you repeatedly tell yourself you’d love to do & then cast it aside because you think you can’t? How tired are you of thinking about it only to then feel disappointed because you’re not making it happen?
I’ve witnessed so many people who have great aspirations for things they’d like to do (start exercising routinely, write a book, make time for leisure travel) but they don’t move beyond the dreaming-about-it stage. They have blocks preventing them from taking action & making things happen. As a life & leadership coach, I help people unleash their potential because I know they're capable beyond their beliefs. Working with me, people move from “I can’t” to “I can” to “I am.” I find this work tremendously rewarding-be it inside organizations or for individual, personal growth.
Imagine creating the change you want to see & living to your true potential. Together, we’ll help you gain clarity on what you want & break through what’s stopping you. We’ll take what you dream of doing & create practical, achievable step-by-step action plans so you move forward & realize your dreams. Imagine how good it will feel when you’re finally able to say “I did it!”
I have some first-hand experience with how it feels to finally do something that, for a long time, was just a dream. In 2015 my position was eliminated from a global mfg company after a 15-year career with them. I picked myself up, dusted myself off & found a new opportunity. This position required certification in coaching which, until this point, was just an aspiration recorded in a performance review year after year. I did the intense work & received certification in professional coaching (CPC). The feeling to finally accomplish a long-held dream, to prove to myself that I can achieve success, is remarkable!
I’ve provided life coaching since 2017 & leadership coaching since 2008.