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Sara Aloimonos

Yellowknife, X1A 3C2

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Yellowknife, X1A 3C2

About Sara Aloimonos

My complete understanding of what the client is going through sets me apart from other coaches. I have lived many types of relationships since I was a child starting from abusive, marriage, divorce and now, in a wonderful relationship which was only available to me once I had done the work. The work on myself in realizing these exposures and healing from them.

I'm better able to connect and relate to what others are going through in similar situations. I can help you in any relationship you're in whether you're looking for a partner, in the midst of getting married, are married or divorced, seeking more intimacy and/or passion, dealing with infidelity, and wanting to pursue a new life. I also excel in coaching around relationships within the workplace, with friends and family, and even with your self.

I have coached clients on recognizing, escaping, and rebuilding a fulfilling life after emotional, mental, and physical abuse. I have coached clients from premarital counselling all the way through until the birth of their first child. I have shown clients how to set boundaries, create new mindsets on limiting beliefs, and helped rebuild confidence in themselves and their abilities.

My clients report an increase in self confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth with the tools I taught them and conversations we dove into. Their jive for life reappeared, they were able to heal in a safe environment full of support, and were excited for what lay ahead for them.

I am also a Functional Nutritionist and help clients bridge the gap between their mindset and their nutritional goals allowing for greater success every time!

I am here to guide you, empower you, and support you on your journey through the hell you may have been living or on the budding relationships waiting to be had. I am here to see you through to the other side.