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Kim Avery

Columbus, Ohio, 43219

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Columbus, Ohio, 43219
United States

About Kim Avery

Leadership and Life is a Conversation, So Let’s Chat!
Kim Avery has over two decades of significant leadership expertise with an award-winning track record leading at a top Fortune company. As Avery Moana Group's (AMG) founder & lead coach, Kim, has led high-performance teams from 10 to 1000+ people with consistent high producing outcomes, both people and performance. As a core energy coach, Kim is an authentic motivator and a people influencer. She has the natural ability to dig deep with compassion, challenge through profound curiosity, see the highest potential in others, and empower the achievement of the highest aspirations. Kim’s depth and breadth of skills, influence, and expertise vibrate at all levels within an organization, these skills include leadership development, change management, strategy creation, execution, and optimization, all while gaining a high level of trust, commitment and respect with people. As a relational leader, Kim understand the value of people, authentic relationships, and strategic alliances, all of which Kim believes are fundamental differentiators to producing measurable, sustainable results and performance outcomes.

Kim effortlessly bring her signature presence, energy, values, passion, creativity, and discerning wisdom to any given moment with her clients. As such, Avery Moana Group was founded in response to a higher level of consciousness, courage, empowerment, and grit to invest in the lives of people, particularly women, leaders, teams, and organizations who desire to make a meaningful difference in the world! The mission of Avery Moana Group is to inspire the impossible during pivotal moments of change, growth and transformation! Kim understands making the first step towards change is often the hardest part of the journey. Avery Moana Group (AMG), intend to provide our clients with awareness, tools, knowledge, and skills to live an unrestrained life, unleash their potential, and pave their way towards their future!