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Coach Margo Davis in Willoughby OH

Margo Davis

Willoughby, 44094

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Willoughby, 44094

About Margo Davis

I am the founder of Fate Into Destiny LLC. I truly believe that each of us have a gift and a purpose that we are meant to share with the world. It is my passion and my purpose to encourage others to embrace the process of divinely loving and honoring “all” of themselves, and to purposefully listen from within to reveal and awaken their own gift…their passion…their purpose!

As a child, and as an adult, I often remember fantasizing about the person I would be when I “grew up”, and what my purpose was in life. I’ve always known that I was drawn to helping people…to making them feel better…to lifting them up, and to making them smile. And, I absolutely loved how these experiences made me feel inside! I had no idea the very thing that made me feel good inside…my passion…could actually be my purpose.

Today, I am honored to serve as a partner in transformation with women and men who are ready to identify, understand, and overcome the habits…the behaviors…and the thoughts that have kept them from fully experiencing the life they desire. I do this by applying the intense training I’ve received as a certified Blueprint Shadow Coach and a Reiki Practitioner to enhance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of others.

As your coach, I will stand with you as you shift your thoughts, habits, and behaviors from the self limiting/self-sabotaging messages that have kept you stuck; into life altering…uplifting thoughts, habits, and behaviors that will lead to actions that are in alignment with your life’s desire. It is my intention to guide you to connect to your inspiration and dreams…to transform your thinking…and to transform your life.

All coaching experiences take place in a nurturing environment where you feel free to share your darkest fears and/or your deepest desires. I will support you through your process of change – tapping into your purpose, passions, and strengths – encouraging you to reach for your dreams. "Empower ~ Transform ~ Realize"