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Mandy Rollins

Norman, Oklahoma, OK

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Norman, Oklahoma, OK
United States

About Mandy Rollins

Hi, I’m Mandy.

Thanks for stopping by! A few things to know about me: I am a Christian who happens to be gay. I believe we all have a story that is worthy of being told. I have a passion for good conversations over coffee, reading in comfy chairs, and traveling to the next destination with my fiancée. In my world, grace is scandalous and hope is boundless. I find great joy in helping people live a deeply rooted and rewarding life. I also find great joy in ice cream. On any given Saturday in the fall, you can find me watching college football in my favorite hoodie.

For the past two decades I have been a mentor and coach to individuals and groups pursuing relational, personal and spiritual guidance. My experience as a Division I college basketball player and as an assistant college basketball coach taught me the power of synergy. My time working at a Bible Church formed me as a leader, facilitator and speaker. Mentoring college students equipped me with the art of listening, the skill of asking questions, and the intuition to respond. Earning a master's degree at seminary cultivated my curiosity to keep learning. But it wasn’t until I came out as a gay Christian in a conservative community that I learned the courage necessary to keep living my story whether others rejected me or not. Learning that my integrity was enough for me to keep moving forward was powerful. I will never have all the answers but the journey to keep investing in my own growth is worth the hard work. My passion now is to be a safe and encouraging place for others to awaken, discover, and live their story.