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Meet Coach Nearby Michael Hubicki in Belleville ON

Michael Hubicki

Belleville, Ontario, ON

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Contact Information

Belleville, Ontario, ON

About Michael Hubicki

My vision is to REshape the health, happiness and harmony of the world.

My mission is to celebrate and activate the ideas REshaping the health, happiness and harmony of the world...to heal our planet. 

My passion is to help people thrive, nurturing their mindset and embracing stewardship of self, community and planet. 

My combination of innovation and passion, skills in public realm design, podcasting, performance and development coaching, leadership, mentoring, invention and design are unique.

I am on a life-long journey to meld my heart and head, inventing and finding tools to share with you. 

In my 31st year of consulting in the dog-eat-dog world of consulting engineering and architecture I asked to retire and was "successfully terminated"...not the response I expected, leading to confusing emotions and self-judgement. 

My Heartscaping program was born to help me be my best and most impactful me.

Join me to talk about harmonizing your heart and head...Heartscaping your life.