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Gabriela Herrero

Burlington, Ontario, ON

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Burlington, Ontario, ON

About Gabriela Herrero

Gabriela Herrero BBA, MIB, CPCC™
is a multilingual Certified Co-Active Coach

Gabriela is the owner and Managing Director of Existence Coaching. She is a certified co-active coach by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and a Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
Gabriela has held diverse positions in different industries: sub-Director of International Markets for a major Latin American Financial Institution; International Marketing and Training leader in a Canadian manufacturing company; Sales Manager of the largest sporting good distributor in Mexico and today a successful entrepreneur. In all her roles, Gabriela has acquired the essential skills to successfully coach entrepreneurs and professionals from any country in the world at all levels. Gabriela has lived in three different countries giving her unique understanding of the deep cultural differences between Nations. Her knowledge of English, French and Spanish has also helped overcome language barriers to her clients.
Since 2009, she started operating Existence Coaching, a cross-cultural and transition professional coaching organisation with a Global mission. Her multi-industry, multi-cultural experience is the pillar of the business. She has provided seminars, lectures, training and coaching sessions in North America, South America , Europe, Middle East and some Asian countries.
Gabriela’s experience expands the professional and multi-cultural fields. As a cancer survivor, she brings unique understanding life’s multiple challenges. She knows which are all the important elements to be a successful coach. She is an avid triathlete and competitive swimmer; Gabriela has participated in several international competitions that have resulted in many awards and medals.
Gabriela is willing to offer her unique skills and talents with those who share her desire to succeed.