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Kirstin Battista

Etobicoke, Ontario

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Etobicoke, Ontario

About Kirstin Battista

My deepest desire is to live in a world where powerful women actually feel powerful and create impactful results from a place of self-trust and self-leadership. 

Through powerful mindset coaching, I help self aware, ambitious women connect with their intrinsic power, certainty & confidence and achieve the success they want in their lives and careers.

As a certified life and success coach, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, and clinical hypnotherapist, I hold space for you to discover your blind spots, address self-limiting beliefs that may be curtailing your success, and define and embody your next level Self. 

My clients are open minded, self aware, and impact-driven thinkers who are ready to shift and expand their paradigms, ground into confidence, and produce exceptional results.

Using proven neuro-linguistic programming techniques, I support your empowerment journey by:

- Helping unlock the wisdom that is already within you

- Revitalizing your sense of self and what is possible for your life and career

- Providing tools and strategies to help kick your self-limiting beliefs to the curb 

- Offering practices to help you access your most grounded, confident & impactful self

- Holding you accountable to your goals

In short, I'm your strategic guide and accountability support as you make great things happen in your life and career.

My current services include:

- One-to-one private coaching

- Group coaching

- Customized workshops

- Public speaking