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Tara Kanerva

Guelph, Ontario, ON

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Guelph, Ontario, ON

About Tara Kanerva

I coach women who feel stuck in their lives and are looking for real change. I help to release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and to overcome past negative life experiences. Be your best self!

As a Master NLP Coach, Master TimeLine Therapy Practitioner and Master Hypnotherapist, I work with people and organizations to make them stronger, more confident and better able to set and reach their personal and professional goals. 

 I use a strength based approach in order to uncover an individuals unique skills, talents and positive patterns. No matter where the starting point is, the end goal is to live the life you WANT to live, and not the life you END UP living. Together we can eliminate any limiting beliefs you have about yourself and guide you easily, to a place where negative emotions and unwanted behaviours cease to hold you back. The change work I offer is content-free, powerful, poignant and surprisingly quick.

I have developed a special focus on helping women making their way through transitional times in life. New chapters like pregnancy, birth, new career, divorce or illness can be hard to navigate without a burst of new positive energy and self-confidence! I am 100% committed to helping women regain access to inner joy, strengthening their abilities to thrive and to create inspired outcomes!

On my journey I also realized many NLP Practitioners have the skills to do what I do, but don't have the protocols in place to execute. That's why I created PACE™, Protocols for Achieving Coaching Excellence. In this course I help practitioners like myself harness the power of our proven coaching method and build financial and client success.