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Tara Lehman

Guelph, Ontario, N1E 4E6

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Guelph, Ontario, N1E 4E6

About Tara Lehman

I help empower people to find solutions and transform what they are unhappy about in their lives and career / small business. I love seeing people happier, more fulfilled, and growing how they need to. Using my life / career /small business coaching skills / training, leadership training / experience, my continuous love to help others, plus my own transformations, I am able to show people their uniqueness and their own path to success. What do you think? Does this resonate with you?

I am a life/career/small business coach and partner with Twin Life Coaching and Business Services. I can assist with challenges such as: becoming "unstuck" in life, creating better habits, goal setting, personal growth, accountability, and more. I will help you with work-related goals such as: career transitions, leadership skills, workplace stress, and small business needs.

I use many different tools in my coaching which include: goal setting, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, mindfulness techniques, advanced coaching, career strategy skills, leadership training skills/tools, small business strategies, among others. My unique goal setting tool allows you to break down your goal into easier, more achievable steps and helps keep you accountable to moving yourself forward.

My Advance Life Skills Coaching level 4 diploma, Career Coach certification, Certified Career Strategist designation, Leadership Trainer, Entrepreneurship & Business Coach certification, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Life Coach Practitioner certification, Mental Health First Aid certification, added with over 24 years working with others, has enabled me to work with a variety of backgrounds and personal challenges. Whether it is personal goals, career goals, small business growth, to stress management, I am able to work with you to empower you to achieve your goals and dreams.