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Kaime Sherman

Hamilton, Ontario, ON

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Hamilton, Ontario, ON

About Kaime Sherman

Kaime (Woody) Sherman, award-winning Owner, Founder of AiDa | Academy of Imagination & Dramatic Arts, mission-driven arts education for all ages, is an Artist, Author of “Creativity and Flow; A Journal of Ideas and Inspiration,” Creator/Instructor of “The Art of Speaking, Communicating, Relating,” Mentor, Community Partner and YouTube Host of Create Positive Change “2 Minute Positivity Boost.”

Creator/Instructor “The Art of Communicating” & “Discover Your Authentic Voice,” at Mohawk College Continuing Education, which have been called, “innovative interactive experiences!”

AFW Alumni recipient of Arts & Culture, YWCA Woman of Distinction Arts & Culture, Kaime has served as regional adjudicator for 25 years for The American Academy of Dramatic Arts for both New York and Los Angeles. 

“Kaime Woody Sherman is one of Canada's most exceptional artists. Her outstanding commitment to the arts has spanned over 30 years as an artistic director, performer, drama coach and as regional adjudicator for The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Canada for over 25 years. Kaime makes a profound impact on the arts in our community. As a passionate artist, she encourages excellence in the arts in our community."

YWCA WOMEN OF DISTINCTION annual magazine 2014/15. 

•Recipient YWCA Women of Distinction Arts & Culture Award 2015.

"I have been in the broadcasting business in Hamilton for almost 23 years and I have met many talented people in this community. Kaime Sherman is one of those unique talents that is bursting to share it with the world and more importantly the promising young talents in this city. I am in awe of this woman’s drive and determination to the arts for the youth of Hamilton and I can’t wait to see what she creates next."~

Sunni Genesco-Morning Show Co-Host 102.9 K-Lite FM

“When I was a young man, I had the opportunity to attend an incredible institution called The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Anyone who attended that program would absolutely have a powerful, extensive knowledge of the whole scope of the acting process and its scope of preparation. Not only do I know Kaime, founder of AiDa, but I attended school with her and know her to be of the highest caliber of professionalism. Anybody under her tutelage would be a very lucky student, indeed.”~