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Luisa Giaitzis

Hamilton, Ontario, ÿL8V 1C3

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Hamilton, Ontario, ÿL8V 1C3

About Luisa Giaitzis

Luisa has an unrivalled desire to learn and impart knowledge to others. As a teacher in the Education Field, Luisa has over 20 years of experience educating others. She has such a beautiful spirit, strong faith, and incredible positive energy. Over the past few years she been using her knowledge and experience regarding health and wellness to educate others about the importance of loving ourselves. As a Certified Life Coach, Fitness Coach, and Wellness Advocate she believes that true happiness is found when we overcome the past and emotional barriers that are preventing us from achieving fulfillment in our lives. She embraces everything she does with excellence. No matter what field it is, her commitment remains the same: to inspire, to love, and to motivate others.