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Trish Robichaud

Keswick, Ontario, ON

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Keswick, Ontario, ON

About Trish Robichaud

As a strong entrepreneurial woman living with multiple sclerosis, heart disease and bipolar disorder, I welcome you! It’s been a long journey for you at this point I imagine. Myself, I’ve gone from losing a 12-year career to the MS diagnosis, to becoming a national award-winning volunteer, and then a national award-winning entrepreneur.

Over the years I’ve developed a healthy formula for including both work and life into my days. I’ve discovered that balance is not sustainable, but balance is fluid and adaptable. My passion is now helping other entrepreneurs living with disability or chronic health issues, to develop just the right formula for their own work-life balance.

I take pride in helping my clients build a business that will honour and accommodate their health, while providing a stable income that will keep them afloat when their health is rocking the boat.