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Tara Enns

London, Ontario

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London, Ontario

About Tara Enns

Tara Enns (ACC) is a professional coach and trainer, and a credentialed member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). Tara is trained in Solution Focused/Client Centered coaching techniques that are specifically designed to quickly remove roadblocks to full achievement and true purpose potential.
Before realizing her ultimate dream of changing lives through coaching, Tara worked for many years as an individual and family counselor, group facilitator and skills trainer where she became well versed and experienced in numerous therapeutic modalities, including Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Neuro Linguisitc Programming (NLP).
Throughout her career, Tara has used her training and experience in psychology and human services, to help many individuals, groups and teams overcome persistent barriers and stumbling blocks, find and maintain clarity, vision and direction, enhance and maintain motivation and balance and improve their overall holistic function and quality of life.
As a coach, Tara is truly passionate and committed to connecting her clients with their inner brilliance and pathways to personal and professional achievement as well as their purpose and vision, and specializes in helping them to uncover the most direct route to their ultimate success, potential and fulfillment.