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Iris He

Mississauga, Ontario

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Mississauga, Ontario

About Iris He

“Hello, my name is Iris He. I’m a Manifestation Coach. I’m a “life-tour guide” who can help you manifest the life you desire.”

I’m your stepping stone on your personal path of self discovery. Together, we will create a space in which you can learn how incredibly wonderful you are by opening and entering that doorway. I will support and help you to take full charge of your life by discovering your inner power, wisdom, and strength. Once the blocks and barriers are out of your way, no matter what you are going through, you will feel and recognize a tremendous difference in who you were to who you will become through my intensive programs.

I, Iris, will help you to:

Manifest the life you so dearly desire through my personalized coaching programs.

Live a better and brighter life and bring out the very best of you.

Build a healthy relationship within your home and space.

Claim your personal power and ignite your will.

Live your life aligned with soul and heart.

Improve your emotional well being.