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Carolyn Rusin

Newmarket, Ontario

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Newmarket, Ontario

About Carolyn Rusin

Hi, my name is Carolyn and I help women who feel stuck and disengaged rediscover their true selves.

As a Speaker and Coach, my clients are often women who have become so caught up in juggling the everyday duties and roles of keeping a family, career, and home, that they lose track of who they truly are.

The thing is, time and time again it goes unnoticed because everything appears great on the outside.

Deep down inside, they know something isn’t right.

Many women I know, and have worked with, tend to follow a similar life recipe:

Graduate from school

Start a career

Get married

Have kids

Raise their children

But what happens when the recipe is complete — with half of your life (still) ahead of you — and you don’t remember who you are or what you want?

We are so used to looking after others that we have forgotten how to look after ourselves!

Oftentimes, we have spent so much time focusing on our responsibilities to others that we have lost the crucial connection with our spouse.

What now?… We have a huge hole in our lives and we feel lost and unsure how to fill it.

The interesting thing is, most of the time, it takes just one or two simple tweaks that can redirect you down the road of joy, happiness and fulfillment.