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Katrina Murphy

Peterborough, K9J 6X9

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Peterborough, K9J 6X9

About Katrina Murphy

Do you find yourself struggling with self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour and negative habits, and are you stressed-out, feeling unfulfilled and disconnected in relationships?

As a professional women’s empowerment coach, I work with women who are fed up with the status quo and are ready to step forward to their power and potential. My coaching helps them recognize and establish priorities, release blocks to their success and create a life of their dreams.

Do any of these sound like you?

• stress & overwhelm
• lack of fulfillment
• feelings of inadequacy
• self-doubt
• lack of life balance
• sense of loss
• lack of direction / purpose
• reactive with family
• disconnected in relationships

As an empowerment and life coach, I help women re-discover their power, passion and purpose while creating a life that they love and connecting to what’s really important. I will help you to feel more empowered through a process of prioritization and discovery that creates awareness surrounding your beliefs and assumptions and allows you to change destructive habits and behaviours. This process creates balance, develops self-confidence and dramatically increases personal fulfillment.

Pairing with my formal psychology and coach training, I bring a wealth of real-life experience to my clients. As a married mid-life woman, mother and business owner, I have navigated and been coached through change, transition, loss and emotional stress. I have created and managed small businesses while balancing the responsibilities of kids and family. These experiences combine to create a specialized skill set of techniques that allows me to guide my clients to the change they are seeking.

My approach is loving acceptance, in a direct and purposeful manner. I provide a safe, confidential non-judgemental environment where my clients feel comfortable exploring their individual challenges.

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