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Anna Stratis

Toronto, M5v1b2

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Toronto, M5v1b2

About Anna Stratis

- Do you wish your Mondays felt as good as your Fridays?
- Are you trapped by people-pleasing?
- Are you stuck on a hard decision and sick of running the pros/cons?
- Do you desire to rediscover your 18- year-old self who was fearless and limitless?
- Are you ready to exit a pattern of relationship that’s no longer serving you?
- Do you wish to break the conflict cycle, create healthy communication and nurture compassion for each other?

I am a physician and ICF-credentialed coach specializing in relationship and purpose-driven career transformation. My clients reconnect with their intuition and confidence, tune into their values and purpose, gain clarity on critical decisions and create action steps toward fulfillment.

I work with individuals and couples who have reached a point of transition, the end of a well-worn, unfulfilling road. I work with those in their 20’s-40’s who have gotten as far as they can in their career with the standard strategies and are exhausted by having to work overtime to satiate their inner critic. I work with physicians who entered medicine with a passion to serve but have become disillusioned and burned out. I work with people who have trained and worked hard, only to be dissatisified in their job. To go beyond ordinary, they need to unlock a whole new set of tools within to step into a career with purpose, balance, growth and the potential to lead and inspire.

I help my clients: Repair and create wellbeing and harmony in relationship and intimacy. Discover clarity and confidence in voicing their needs and building effective communication. Exit tiresome conflict cycles and create harmony. Take back power in the face of mismatched libido and sexual health issues.

You will have a safe space for your deep exploration. You will be challenged. You will shed fear and be encouraged to dream big. You will have me to celebrate your successes as you build your relationship and career in ways that fill your cup and serve your life purpose