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Cheryl Pinto

Toronto, M5V 1C1

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Toronto, M5V 1C1

About Cheryl Pinto

Your mind is your best friend. But it can also be your worst enemy. I coach Rockstars who feel like they are stuck. Stuck in a career, a business or mindset.

Do you find yourself thinking “I know I can do so much more” but something holds you back? Are you constantly stressed out because what you’re doing daily is taking you nowhere close to your true dreams & desires?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You CAN have it all – a rock-solid mindset, multiple sources of income, work that makes you feel ALIVE and free time to pursue the things you love.

You haven't succeeded so far simply because you lacked clarity, focus & accountability. This is where Coaching comes in. Our “BREAKTHROUGH” program is all about identifying what you absolutely want. We then identify what has held you back and permanently eliminate them with scientifically proven methods to rewire your brain.

My clients constantly tell me they feel a freedom & confidence they’ve never experienced before. A calming influence that comes from knowing that they can indeed steer their lives in the direction that they want. My clients have found the jobs of their dreams, thrown away their anti-depressants, became financially free and became happier than they ever remembered being!

I have two MBAs, am a Harvard alumni. I worked in the Banking industry for 17 years, successfully climbing the corporate ladder, heading various business units. But I began to have that nagging feeling "there has to be more to life than this". That’s when Coaching called out to me. I let go of a cushy high-paying corporate job to pursue this unknown path. I faced my own demons, launched my own company and since then have served hundreds of people through powerful private coaching & seminars.

Nothing gives me more joy than a client becoming free. Free from what? Free from the mean voices in their heads, free from needing the approval of others, financially free and free to really live the lives they want to live.

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