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Kristina Hoffmann

Toronto, M4N2E6

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Toronto, M4N2E6

About Kristina Hoffmann

I grew up in the late 70s in East Berlin, former communist part of Germany. Religion was shunned and in school all we learned was: you live, you work, you die. While my parents certainly taught my sister and I values, there was never any religious or spiritual context in my upbringing. I went to university, had a promising corporate career in marketing for a major German luxury automobile manufacturer, married a successful manager, had children, lived an abundant lifestyle in several countries... So far, so good. Right? Well, not quite. Something was missing. Something that would explain why I never felt complete. Why there seemed to be something intangible pulling me to look for the truth and look deeper....In the late 2000s I had an entrainment experience. Through working with an awakened healer, my own vibration shifted and the effects were profound. My awakening had begun.
In the last 2 years before his passing in late 2018 I have been taught intensively by Dr. Karl Wolfe whose Quantum Access methodology has predominantly shaped and influenced my own work. I'm very sensitive to the energy and am guided by its flow through my body.
Together with my clients, I develop a vision for our sessions together and then work with a variety of approaches: intuitive feedback, movement feedback, embodiment through movement, visualization, guided meditations, dream work and more.
My mission is to help my clients to come into relationship with their Divine Essence-Self. My greatest joy is to see them in the joy of the recognition of their true Being. We are all meant to live abundant, happy, fulfilled lives - and we all can, when we begin to peel back the layers of stories we have put into the way of our own wellbeing and self-actualization. If you are interested in my work, please request a free consultation. I would love to be a partner on your journey.