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Liz Phamm

Toronto, m5v1m5

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Toronto, m5v1m5

About Liz Phamm

The understanding and use of boundaries in my life has had a strong impact on my coaching style. Learning how to use boundaries based on self-compassion and gentleness changed me, and helped to build a secure foundation where I could operate effectively within my family dynamic.

I have learned that it is possible to view myself, and others, as “perfectly imperfect.” I believe our job is to learn to honor ourselves by placing our well-being in the highest regard. As a coach, I have helped other men and women shift their internal view to seeing themselves as perfectly imperfect, meaning we do not need to be fixed or changed. Our sessions have provided insight to find better ways to communicate what they want with their partner, family, or team; and stay true to themselves.

I have coached families, executives, entrepreneurs, work teams, and family-owned businesses’ to elevate their work and personal lives through coaching on boundaries. I love working with clients who have a strong desire to take full personal responsibility to design a life they love, feeling confident, trusting, and empowered.

My mission is to empower you to define what you know about your unique style and help you build a step-by-step pathway to adjust the ways you relate with the world at large.

We will work together on creating boundaries and confidently setting the right pace and tone to match your vision and goals. We will work on releasing unachievable and imaginary expectations, obligations, and responsibilities that you have created. We will identify your unique blind spots, so we can work on improving relationship-building skills.

Throughout our sessions, we will break down your goals into manageable steps so you can truly visualize your desired life. We will address any specific challenges and guide you as you take action. I will hold you accountable and true to your priorities. I am also trauma-informed, this has helped me to create a safe space for you.