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Paulette Blais


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About Paulette Blais

Hi, I’m Paulette and I’d like to be your coach. You can do it — tap into your potential, grow the life you want. Let’s journey together — you steer and I will paddle with you.  

I welcome clients across the adult life span — from students and young adults to seniors. Every stage of life has challenges, changes, confusion and great potential for changing self-defeating patterns, achieving personal goals and finding more joy and fulfillment. 

Coaching is a structured way to explore and clarify the meaning and vision of the life changes you want to make. As your coach, I listen, question and work with you to co-create your plan, at your pace. Coaching is empowering because you create your own momentum through your actions and accountability. The skills and confidence you develop through coaching can have a lasting impact. 

“Coaching with Paulette was the best thing I could have done for myself during a long period where I was stuck in a rut and afraid to make changes. With great skill, compassion and patience, Paulette helped me define my goals and work towards them steadily. Thanks in no small part to her, I found a great job, engaged in a major house renovation, and now feel able to take on many other challenges.” — Cynthia M.

Curious about Coaching?

Wondering what coaching is all about? What it could do for you? Ask any questions you want in a free, 30-minute introductory session. Sign up online to request an appointment. There is no obligation to sign up for paid coaching afterwards…pursuing coaching with me has to be the right choice for you.