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Ronald Tabachnick

Toronto, L3T 3A9

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Toronto, L3T 3A9

About Ronald Tabachnick

For most of my life I was never really listened to. As the youngest of three boys, I didn't have a chance. (Children were supposed to be seen and not heard). At school I was not able to ask questions. In university I was asked only to tell the professors what they want to hear. In business I was trained to speak. Never was I asked, what do I think. Then, I lit up like a Christmas trees when I was asked a question, as a commercial chauffeur. I just wanted to have conversations and be heard. Fortunately, I found the ideal business - listening to Boards of Directors discuss their strategies while I captured their thoughts on a projected computer screen. That's when I found myself coaching teams. After 20 years I transitioned to coaching individuals to help them get clarity and focus in their lives both personal and professional. I became an expert at virtual strategizing - a coaching dream.