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Shaun Michael Samaroo


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About Shaun Michael Samaroo

I am a writer who designs innovative ideas and writes original stories to generate conversations that create solutions to common human problems and challenges. That's who I am. Who are you being as a possibility? Invent your global community.

CEO - Qualped Corporation, a media innovation company in Ontario.

Currently pursuing Masters in Divinity at Tyndale University, Ontario.

Shaun Michael Samaroo enjoys life as an amateur guitarist, photographer, professional writer, author, media entrepreneur, technology innovator, multimedia designer, LifeSkills Coach, squash player, chess player, literary reader, inspirational speaker, evangelist and cricket fan. He is passing these interests unto his son, Israel Prince. He enjoys his days with his wife, Georgiana, and their Toronto life.

Shaun has worked as a Journalist and Writer for the past 17 years. He has accomplished much in his career, having excelled as a newspaper and television Journalist.

In the course of his career, he has interviewed senior Government ministers, accomplished business people, Canadian parliamentarians, world famous leaders and hundreds of ordinary people.

He has worked in international television, appearing as an invited guest on current affairs shows for national Canadian television. He pioneered TV documentary-style programs for national television in Guyana.

He has wide ranging experience in the newspaper industry, having founded a national newspaper in Guyana, and two community newspapers in Canada.

His passion is Investigative Journalism, for which Shaun excelled in Guyana, reporting on several State corruption stories. He regularly reported as Lead Reporter, with his stories appearing as the front page headline.

He has written four books, and he publishes a newspaper in Canada.