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Robert Main

Wasaga Beach, L9Z2W6

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Wasaga Beach, L9Z2W6

About Robert Main

As your Life Coach, I will show you how to lose your baggage and take on new risks, to identify your weaknesses and strengths so you can optimize your effect on the world and those within it. Be confident, letting your natural abilities and talents shine through in all of your pursuits and easily manifest your goals because of it.

Through working with me, my clients have rekindled their relationships, become better parents to their children, found passion in their careers, happiness and fulfilment in their lives and have rediscovered their purpose.

I am a strategic thinker with an aim to provide solid solutions to your specific challenges. I will build you a stepping stone path unique to you and your individual needs and goals. I like to say for every problem, there is on average 16 solutions and I am here to provide them.