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Amy Ballantyne

Waterloo, N2k 4n3

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Waterloo, N2k 4n3

About Amy Ballantyne

The clients who Amy has worked with have come to her for support in their wellness, but often realize that wellness encompasses stress management, time management, self care, confidence and many more life related topics.
Although she is has a background in improving overall wellness, Amy has supported numerous clients in creating strong habits, a deeper connection to themselves and tools to use when life gets stressful or they have specific goals they want to achieve.
Amy helps people to connect with what is most important within, to shift their mindset and to move the needle forward with daily, consistent actions which create results.
Her main message is that wellness is so much more than eating and exercise and when we dive into the challenges people are facing, with guidance, support and real accountability, they are able to really step into being the person they want to be.

The current bio on her website:
As a Holistic Health Coach, she creates a personalized, simplified approach to creating a healthy lifestyle and mindset, with focused accountability for long-term habits. Her coaching style is empathetic and encouraging and helps her clients to excel in their health and life goals.
Amy has a background in nutrition and supplementation support, accountability for exercise, eating and sleep habits and tools such as meditation, EFT and reiki. Additionally, Amy provides coaching for individuals who want to create their best lives by increasing their self confidence, self esteem and design a life they love. Amy believes deeply that mindset matters in health and in life and is here to support and cheer on her clients from beginning to end!